What does the 2021 Increase Teachers of Color Act (ITCA) propose?

  1. Creating a state goal to increase the percent of teachers of color and
    American Indian teachers (TOCAIT) each year so that by 2040 the state’s teachers reflect the diversity of the state’s K12 students.  (Increasing 1% requires 630 more TOCAIT)

  2. Addressing significant barriers to TOCAIT by changing state policies to:

  • Ensure school district strategic plans focus on:

    • addressing institutional racism with equitable school policies, structures and practices

    • providing all students with access to ethnic studies and curriculum that is anti-racist, culturally relevant and based in truth

    • ensuring that school learning and work environments validate, affirm, embrace and integrate cultural and community strengths for all students, families and employees

  • Strengthen existing grant programs and create new ones to support recruiting, preparing, mentoring and retaining TOCAIT

  • Eliminate discriminatory teacher licensure exam requirements for those who successfully meet extensive licensure standards while completing an approved state preparation program

  1. Increasing funding for the following grant programs:

  • Grow Your Own (GYO) teacher preparation for youth and adults of color

  • College in the schools, dual-credit “Intro to Teaching” courses

  • Scholarships for Aspiring Educators of Color at the undergraduate and graduate level

  • Student Teaching grants

  • Grants to schools for implementing plans to address institutional racism and improve learning and work environments for all students, families and employees

  • American Indian teacher preparation collaboratives

  • Collaborative Urban and Greater MN Educators of Color support programs at colleges and universities

  • Teacher mentorship and retention grants to schools

  • Hiring Bonuses for TOCAIT from other states and countries to teach in MN

  • Teacher shortage loan forgiveness

  • Statewide TOCAIT Recruitment and Marketing Campaign

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