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Core Steering Committee (CSC)

The CSC provides direction and structure to the Coalition and plans its activities. Its members are a majority educators of color. We are appreciative of the time that all CSC members volunteer to keep the Coalition viable and help it grow.  The Coalition has no paid full-time or part-time staff as non-profit collective with a small budget from grants and donations. As a coalition of individuals, organizations and institutions, it is not itself a 501c3 organization.

Current Core Steering Committee (CSC) Members:

*Tri-Chairs:  Sandy Saucedo-Falagan (So. Washington County Schools), Regina Seabrook (Equity Alliance MN), Rebecca Wade (Univ. St. Thomas, Roseville Schools). 

Other CSC MembersMariam Adam (Minneapolis Public Schools); Stanley Brown (Hopkins Public Schools); Rose Chu (MN Education Equity Partnership); Kimberly Colbert (St. Paul Public Schools); Oscar del Sebastien (St. Paul Public Schools); Remi Eichten (St. Paul Public Schools); Julia Freeman (Voices for Racial Justice); Anita Gates (ZintkalaLuta); Shelley Neilsen Gatti (Univ. St. Thomas); Yvonne RB-Banks (Metro State Univ.); Paul Spies (Metro State Univ.); Sabrina Tapia Contreras (Prior Lake Schools); Gerald White (Deer River Schools)

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