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Increase Teachers of Color Act (ITCA)

The 2023 ITCA builds upon what did and didn't pass in 2021 and 2022 and other previous year's ITCA.  While most of the policy proposals from last year's bill are reintroduced, some new sections are added and some sections have been strengthened. Appropriations totaling approximately $100 million are proposed to meet needs for increasing the percentage of BIPOC teachers in Minnesota.

What will be achieved if ITCA 2023 is signed into law?

The percentage of BIPOC teachers in MN will eventually increase each year. ITCA will create comprehensive systemic change needed to address opportunity and achievement gaps for students while strengthening existing programs and creating new efforts needed to attract, prepare, license and retain an increased percentage of teachers of color and American Indian teachers (TOCAIT) in MN.

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Several KEY COMPONENTS included in ITCA

These important proposals, among many others, will: 

  • Increase funding for popular "Grow Your Own" pathways to teaching for students, parents and non-licensed employees who are of color or American Indian.

  • Increase college scholarships and student teaching grants for BIPOC to become teachers.

  • Require school districts to address institutional racism within their school policies, structures and practices to close opportunity and achievement gaps.

  • Provide all students with access to ethnic studies curriculum that is anti-racist and culturally relevant.

  • Ensure that school learning and work environments affirm, embrace and integrate cultural and community strengths of students, families and staff.

  • Establish an official state goal to increase the percentage of TOCAIT annually (increase of 1% = 630 teachers).


​BROAD SUPPORTPrevious ITCA's since 2017 have all garnered bipartisan legislative authorship and endorsements from a wide range of more than 55 education and community organizations that don't agree on many other issues.

Adding Diversity to State Teaching Ranks is a Critical State Goal
(Star Tribune Editorial Board Opinion, 3/7/21)

Ways You Can Make a Difference & Help ITCA Pass


2023 is the year to finally pass the full ITCA, especially given the state's historic budget surplus and continued need to address all forms of systemic racism that still has not been done despite the peaceful protests by tens of thousands of Minnesotans and millions of people around the country and world in summer 2020 called for racial justice in various sectors of society, including education, in response to the police killi
ng of George Floyd..

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Coalition Position on Other Legislation Related to Teachers of Color

Given our collective, macro-level approach to addressing systemic barriers to teachers of color and American Indian teachers (TOCAIT), the Coalition does not endorse legislation for individual programs, districts or institutions. Also, there are other issues in legislation that impact TOCAIT that the Coalition takes a neutral position on because members and member organizations do not agree on these issues (e.g., changes to tiered licensure and alternative teacher preparation).

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