What is the status of the Increase Teachers of Color Act (ITCA)?

As of March 16, 2021, ITCA had in a positive hearing in each committee that makes decisions in the House and Senate on education and higher education bills.  In each committee, the bill has been "laid over for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill" (i.e. the Chair may include some, all or none of it in their large bill of bills they want to represent all of what they want to see pass this legislative session and go to the Governor).

In the House

  • HF 1041 in House Higher Education Committee on March 16

  • HF 217 in House Education Finance Committee on February 3

  • HF 217 in House Education Policy Committee on January 27

In the Senate

  • SF446 in Senate Education Finance and Policy Committee on February 24

  • SF 797 in Senate Higher Education Committee on February 16

What happens next for Increase Teachers of Color Act?

  1. Committee Chairs in March are making decisions about what policy language they will support in their "omnibus" bills (i.e., the one big committee bill from the committee wrapping up their work from the legislative session).  They are also making decisions about what programs will get funding and how much based on the budget they've been given by either the House Speaker or Senate Majority Leader.  Our goal is to get as much as possible from our bills included in the committee omnibus bill.

  2. When the Committee Chairs have their big omnibus bills written, then they hold hearings on those bills and pass those bills.  We will testify each committee in support or opposition to what is included or not included in omnibus bills.

  3. The different House and Senate omnibus bills then get compared and a Conference Committee is formed of a few Representatives and Senators to enter negotiations in developing one compromise bill for Education and one for Higher Education that would each be voted on by the full House and the full Senate. We will testify each committee in support or opposition to what is included or not included in the conference committee omnibus bill.

  4. Full House and Senate votes of omnibus bills take place at the end of the legislative session in early-mid May before the session ends May 17.  If they don't come to agreement, then they need to hold a "Special Session" to agree on a budget. Negotiations among the House Speaker, Senate Majority Leader and Governor usually ultimately decide what gets approved.

  5. The Governor then receives the bills to sign into law or veto.

What can you do to help Increase Teachers of Color Act pass?