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...including info about the Shortage of TOCAIT, Economic Benefits of Having More TOCAIT, and What's Needed to "Move the Needle"

Other Local Issue Briefs that Inspired the Creation of the Coalition


Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MNEEP) has been the leading organization focused on this work in Minnesota for more than a decade.  They authored a policy brief in 2015 with important recommendations that gave rise to the Coalition.  Read it HERE.  See also a subsequent report:


Educators for Excellence also published a recent report in 2015 “Closing Gaps: Diversifying Minnesota’s Teacher Workforce” which provides important information and key recommendations that also inspired the Coalition's creation.

State Reports & Interactive Tools

PRESS COVERAGE about the Experiences of TOCAIT, as well as the Shortage of TOCAIT and Programs to Increase TOCAIT

Increase Teachers of Color Act:

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