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Youth Influencer Contest Guidelines

to Raise Awareness and Action Regarding the

2022 Increase Teachers of Color Act (ITCA)

Scholarship AWARDS: 

  • Top Influencer               $1,000

  • Next Top 10 Influencers  $750 each

  • Next 20 Influencers         $500 each


LENGTH OF COMPETITION:  Extended; NOW thru May 8, 2022. 

​​WELCOME! Thank you for your interest in mobilizing support for the Increase Teachers of Color Act (ITCA). Taking your education into your own hands is the key to making a difference! By participating, you will have a real impact on Minnesota's education system, and help close opportunity gaps for generations of students.
ALL students deserve access to and benefit from teachers of color!


Below are guidelines for all contest participants looking to get involved and influence others to become aware of this important bill to take action to help it pass, and make history!



  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


​​HAVE OTHER IDEAS?  Let us know what you’re thinking! Email us at, and we’ll let you know if your idea would count for the contest.



  1. Winning Influencers must prove with data how they raised awareness about ITCA and motivated peers and others to act as described in the contest guidelines.Keep track of actions taken by those who receive your messages. You need to show proof of that in order to earn points. Track your actions by submitting them into this Google Form  . You will fill out a new Google Form for each action you take.

  2. Use the hashtag #TeachersOfColorAct. You may include your own hashtags but posts must include #TeachersOfColorAct  (Note: Tag legislators in your posts when it feels appropriate. When using social media as a tool, it’s important to remember that the end goal is making contact with legislators about the to persuade them to go on record supporting it.)


  • SCORING will occur at the end of the contest to allow judges to review participation and action taken as a full package. Award winners will be determined by total points earned from documenting outcomes related to raising awareness and action taken by people you influence. 

  • People without social media can still win an award in the contest without extensive use of social media by doing old-fashioned organizing, sending emails and meetings with lawmakers.

  • You may earn points for the same action taken by you or someone whom you influence to act.  For example, each different virtual meeting with a different lawmaker is worth 70 points.

AWARD NOTIFICATION: It will take us approximately 2-3 weeks at the close of the contest to tally all points in order to announce winners by the mid-May.


  •  What if I have questions?  Whom do I contact?
    A: Email with Subject line: Contest Question

  • How old does someone have to be to participate?
    A: Youth participants have to be in grades 6-12.


  • Must I only use social media?
    A:  No.  Old-fashioned, in-person contact can also be documented.


  • Can students of any racial and ethnic groups enter the contest?
    A:  Yes, all students benefit from having more teachers of color.

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