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Jess Davis Testifies @ Ed Policy Feb 19.

2020 ITCA

Teachers of Color Act


2019 ITCA

2018 ITCA

OVERVIEW:  The 2021 ITCA is a combination of the 2020 & 2019 ITCAs with clearer, bolder and more comprehensive language (see documents linked below).  It is package of Education and Higher Education bills including 25 sections totaling 40 pages.

THE TIME IS NOW!  2021 is the year to finally pass the full ITCA given the increased need and demands to address all forms of systemic racism in response to the killing of George Floyd. The subsequent peaceful protests by thousands of Minnesotans and millions around the country and world in summer 2020 called for racial justice in various sectors of society, including education.

BROAD SUPPORT:  Previous ITCA's since 2017 have all garnered bipartisan authorship and endorsement from a wide range of more than 55 education and community organizations.

Ways You Can Make a Difference & Help ITCA Pass

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